Monkey in the Machine

Some bugs from the first week on the new site

Well, the first Member’s sale on the new site was huge. ¬†We were buried. Mostly it went really well, but there were a couple problems. First, several customer emails didn’t forward the way they were supposed to, so we didn’t respond until days later. Sorry about that, you know who you are. The problem is now fixed, thanks for your patience.

Also, a couple folks didn’t see the link to add your coupon for the discount. It’s really obvious on your Cart page, but if you don’t view your cart, there is a link at the top of the Checkout page to add your coupon code:

We’re working on making it easier to see.

Also, we’re having trouble enabling comments on the blog. Working on that too.

Thanks for all the orders, and for your patience while we dial in this new site.
Happy Fishing