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After Work Buggers

After Work Buggers from The Weekends on Vimeo.

Digging the Summertime after-work floats.

Managed to get out of work before 6:00 one day last week and floated the Fork.

It’s been an awesome runoff year, the water is still up over 3,000 cfs, clear-ish and big and awesome. It’s on right now, and the fishing in Colorado is going to continue to be really good, all summer long.

This is just a short clip of one of the nice little Roaring Fork brownies that ate a bugger. This night buggers got a lot of action, the nymphing was tough but produced a couple rainbows, and the dry fly action was good in the pockets after it got almost dark.

Go fish!

Roaring Fork Runoff 2014

Runoff 2014

Fantastic runoff this year

Looks like the peak on the Fork could be this weekend. It’s been a great runoff season, long, with a good ramp up and sustained high flows that should last for a while. Of course the fishing ain’t happening, but it’s a great thing for the river, and the boating has been fun.

By the way, if you haven’t bookmarked the Flows and Forecast sites, do it. They’re fantastic resources.

Colorado Surface water Flows
Colorado River Basin Flow Forecasts



Monkey in the Machine

Some bugs from the first week on the new site

Well, the first Member’s sale on the new site was huge.  We were buried. Mostly it went really well, but there were a couple problems. First, several customer emails didn’t forward the way they were supposed to, so we didn’t respond until days later. Sorry about that, you know who you are. The problem is now fixed, thanks for your patience.

Also, a couple folks didn’t see the link to add your coupon for the discount. It’s really obvious on your Cart page, but if you don’t view your cart, there is a link at the top of the Checkout page to add your coupon code:

We’re working on making it easier to see.

Also, we’re having trouble enabling comments on the blog. Working on that too.

Thanks for all the orders, and for your patience while we dial in this new site.
Happy Fishing

Vermillion Crew from Kitchen Sink Studios


Small World

Had the pleasure of running in to the Kitchen Sink Studios guys at the 5 Points Film Festival in Carbondale on Friday night. Their film ‘Vermillion‘ was one of the featured films. It’s an outstanding piece of work about the friendship and memories that seeking trout creates, set on the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam.

Ironically, the first Guest Speaker of the evening was Katie Lee, an incredible woman who made many trips through Glen Canyon before the dam, and is one of the pre-eminent activists in the anti-dam crusade. She got the crowd pretty fired up about the evils of the dam. The Kitchen Sink crew had to follow that up, and joked about sneaking out of there before their appearance to avoid the ire of the crowd. But they did a great job of presenting their perspective, of living a life where the dam has always existed, and how special the lower canyon is, despite all of that. Their on-stage interview was one of the highlights of the night.

They’ve been YD Members for years, and it was great to meet them, and share a brew and some fishing talk at a local pub after the event. And they’ve got some serious film and design skeelz. Thanks, Doug. Hope you guys found some fish on the Pan on Saturday.


Welcome, Members

Welcome to Colorado Fly Company

Thanks for making the trip! For these first few days, the new site is only open to you, the members. Take a look around, kick the tires, see what you think. There’s still a couple of flaws we’re working on (like not being able to leave comments in the blog), some minor tweaks yet to be made, but this is it. Enjoy.

The new checkout process is a lot smoother than at YD. Its fully secure, your credit card info is never exposed to us, it’s kept entirely within the secure servers. Creating an account to manage your info is super convenient.

Make sure you try out the Product Search feature, at the top of every page. It’s a predictive search, so it shows results as you type. Start out with a general search, like ‘blue’ for blue wing olive, or adams, etc. It searches by product name, so try parts of a fly name and see what you get.

Make yourselves at home. Let us know what you think.

Again, thanks for being members, and thanks for coming to check out the new shop. We hope you like it.

Jay & Jack

Where did YD go?

So why did we change our name?

It wasn’t an easy choice, because YD has been around for over 10 years, and our customers had gotten used to our name, our quality, and our service. But it was time we re-evaluated who we were. A lot had changed in recent years for the two of us, and it just seemed like the time was right to bring the company into the new life with a new face.

First, we wanted to update the site and improve the shopping experience. It was a pretty daunting task, because we’re not web developers or photographers or designers or writers.  But over the course of a few months, after work and on weekends, and with the help of some friends, we put together hundreds of  new photos, a state of the art responsive web design, and an even more secure checkout process. Because we think our customers deserve the best online experience we can provide.

During the process, we had a lot of discussion about how to make the company easier to identify with, more recognizable, easier to YD Fliesremember. Nobody knew what YD meant, or stood for, and as the years went by, we started to wonder, too.

COflyCoSo we decided to re-brand. Something that reflected more clearly who we are, as just a couple of brothers that love fishing, and have more flies than time. A thing that we could identify with, that represents what we’re all about. That thing is now Colorado Fly Company.

We’re a small business, just the two of us, with our inventory stored on shelves in the garage. We have been adding to our existing inventory of flies with patterns from a great tier in Thailand, and yes, one great shop in Kenya too. We wouldn’t sell them if we didn’t fish them ourselves.

So, thanks to all of the members that have been with YD Flies for all these years. We invite you to make the transition with us, and continue to find great flies, at a great price, with great customer service.

Jay & Jack
Colorado Fly Company
Just Add Water


Sam - Honorary First Tester Guy

The Sam

This guy is the Honorary First Real Test Customer guy. Sam.

We’ve been fishing with Sam for several years now, and have had the pleasure of working the real job with him every day. He’s the first guinea pig to actually do some customer testing on the new site, and give us some feedback.

Go Sam. Go.